Digital Retinal Imaging System

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Digital Retinal

For our patients with retinal conditions and diseases such as macular degeneration -- and for our doctors and staff who treat them -- diagnosing has never been easier or more accurate, thanks to the state-of-the-art equipment at our facility.


Cutting Edge Retinal Imaging System at Retina and Vitreous Center

As part of our ongoing quest to provide the highest quality diagnoses and treatment available for our patients, Retina and Vitreous Center took the plunge and went digital, upgrading our high-end film-based photography system to the latest technology has to offer -- a retinal digital imaging system provided by Escalon Digital Solutions. The benefits were instantaneous for our patients, doctors, and staff alike.

The old way: long patient appointments, multiple trips to the darkroom, 24-hour turnaround for color negatives, and the ever-expanding need for secure physical storage space. The new way: shorter appointments, instant results for Fluorescein Angiography and Fundus photos, onsite review with patients and their families, and more compact digital storage.

Not as much as patients and staff have come to love RVC's new cutting edge digital imaging system for greatly improving the diagnostic experience.And what became of the revolving darkroom door that used to stand prominently at the edge of the patient waiting room? "We donated it to ScienceWorks Hands-on Museum in Ashland," explains Julie, Photo Department manager at RVC. "We also gave our cool film reviewing equipment to a local grade school. The kids just love it!"

The new system is proving its worth again and again. "This is a tremendous educational tool," notes Dr. William Rodden, founder and owner of RVC. "Now patients and staff can routinely see what I have always been able to see." Not only does the new digital medium help to involve patients and families in a more direct understanding of the condition they're facing, but it significantly optimizes and streamlines the entire process for all involved. "I am able to photograph more clearly because I can instantly see the dye in the retina," says Brad, a staff photographer at RVC. "This has helped me document pathology well for the doctors. Editing is fun -- no blinks seen!"

No more darkroom!