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Eye Flashes are experienced in the form of light streaks or flashing lights. Symptoms of eye flashes can include sudden flashes of lights or 'stars'. In some cases, flashes can be in the form of jagged lines. Light flashes may be associated with an ocular migraine and tend to have shapes, colors and will last longer (typically 10-20 minutes). On the other hand, the flashes associated with vitreous separation, retinal detachment, or retinal tear are shorter and without any kind of shapes. If eye flashes are accompanied by a headache, then it's most probably a migraine headache. Eye flashes are the brain's way to alert you of stimulation of the retina (you can't experience the sensation of pain in your retina).

Eye flashes can be triggered due to an ocular or cerebral disease, head trauma or simply due to movement of the vitreous gel within the eye. In most cases, eye flashes are benign and are no cause of concern.

Although eye flashes are often normal and will occur to most people throughout their lives, if you notice eye flashes for no apparent reason, you should consult your retina specialist as soon as possible.